nokia do good hackathon
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Dogood Hackthon Event>>Winners
Developer Name App Name Event City Prize App Campus Consideration
devworx congratulates the winners of Dogood Hackthon Event
Kshitij Khanna and Team FOOD WASTAGE PREVENTION Delhi Lumia 920 Yes
Yogesh Kumawat and Team HAVE & HAVE NOT Delhi Lumia 920 Yes
Aneesh Devasthale DENTRO Delhi Lumia 820 No
Ankita Joshi and Team GO GREEN Delhi Lumia 820 Yes
Ankit and Team DOTS HELPER Delhi Lumia 820 No
Nalin Savara and Team FUEL TRACKER Delhi Lumia 720 No
Sahil Thakral and Team TEAM BOARD Delhi Lumia 720 No
Ahmed Shabib and Team FEED THE HUNGRY Bangalore Lumia 920 Yes
Rahul Kumar and Team WAKE UP SISTER Bangalore Lumia 820 May be
Ganesh and Team MISSING Bangalore Lumia 820 No
Nikhil Vishnu and Team SNAP READ Bangalore Lumia 820 No
Vijeth Devangi Kumar and Team IMPROVE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE Bangalore Lumia 820 Yes
Shrijeet Polke Kumar and Team LEARNING ALPHABET KANNADA Bangalore Lumia 720 No
Sanket Ghorpade and Team KID-NEE Pune Lumia 920 May be
Anurag Shukla and Team MENEEDLIFE Pune Lumia 920 Yes
Prashant Garje and Team SAHAYA Pune Lumia 720 May be
Vivek Kaushal and Team AYURVEDA Pune Lumia 720 No
Vaijnath Taware and Team CHHOTA BHEEM Pune Lumia 720 No
Rushabh Gosar and Team IMMUNITY BUSTER Pune Lumia 720 No
Swapnil Agrawal and Team RISE INDIA Pune Lumia 720 May be
Shashwat Pradhan and Team WECHARITY Pune Lumia 720 No
* Phones to be given only after the apps are uploaded and approved
* The following apps are selected for App Campus consideration. The final decision of selection lies with App Campus only.