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It was an immense pleasure to attend the Do Good Hackathon

The venue was amazing and the arrangements done for this event were really good.

Though there was some problem with the internet support but there were technicians to support for the same.

. The food and the snacks met the expectations. The comfort of the participants was taken care of .So, altogether it was satisfactory.

By: Ankita Joshi
My team would like to thank the nokia do good hackathon. It gave us the platform to benefit our developer skills for the better future of our country by developing such applications that could do good for the mass.

The overall environment was really wonderfull and all the teams have great imaginative and implementable ideas.

We are definately looking forward to completion of the app and making it to the levels required.

We have not yet got any response from the NGOs but definately looking forward to this.?

By: Lavina kavediya
Nokia Do Good Hackathon was one the most enriching experiences. The entire event was managed very efficiently and all the requirements from the attendees side were catered.

Technical Support from Pranshu Sir was of great help, we look forward to be given opportunities for attending such events in the future as well.

By: Sanket Ghorpade
It was a great experience at 24 hr hackathon of nokia on "Do Good" cause. The facility and food was quite awesome.We enjoyed the coding at night and also gaming on XBox.

On the scale of 10 I shall give event 11(Exceeding Expectation). :).

Also I am expecting these kind of events in Gujarat and can also help in organizing stuffs if needed

By: Swapnil Agrawal
First of all congrats to u guys for arranging this event at Pune. It's really nice and experiencing to participate in such social cause hackathons.It was a great pleasure to attend Bootcamp. It was my first bootcamp and I look forward to attend more events like these.

In the way you are supporting developers to make such great apps is really helpful. Now we are charged up for the same app like never before as we totally changed up for delivering great app for Do Good cause.

It's really fun in participating hackathon and give me and my teammates lot of encourage to enhance our social as well as developing skills.

Though we still need some NGO's support for greater and quality experience and to make our app to that standard. I really look forward to see you.

Thank you.

By: Niranjan Raje
First of all, it was nice arrangement there at Pune Hackathon and i with my team enjoyed the hospitality.As mentioned, we already submitted our feedback using your feedback form and provided it to Mr. Anshul while certificate distribution was going on.

However, all the arrangements made by Digit Devworx and 9.9 Media were awesome, especially the support you all provided during our visit there was appreciable.

Also, concerning my application, i am in talks with serveral NGO's and they are showing immense interest towards our Application; even Redcross society is ready to venture with us and will help the users of app who want to donate blood voluntarily to do so at their facilities located around over 16 cities in India.

I wonder if you guys can help us to find more of the NGO's in various cities so that this app (meNeedLife) can be used for saving thousands of life in Urban as well as Rural areas.

By: Anurag Shukla
I am a student pursuing engineering in computer science and I have to say that the do good hackathon was one of the best experiences I've had so far!

It was the first overnight hackathon that I've participated in and I've got to say that the organizers have set a very high bar, the organizers were very helpful and co-operative from the start to the end of the hackathon, people from nokia and digit helped me get a clear idea about my app, especially Pranshu Singhal sir, at the start of the hackathon, he was speaking to every team personally and when he came to speak to me, he was very appreciative and helpful about my idea, initially I had an idea about how I wanted the app to be, but he gave me an insight of who the potential users of the app would be and how I could deliver a better app when I looked in that perspective.

I did get to know many amazing developers and new and innovative ideas which would help the society in many ways, and I have to give credit to the people from devworx, you people kept me updated from the start of the registrations till now and I have to say that you have done a phenomenal job in organizing the hackathon, and the fact that my app ended up among the top 6 apps is just like icing on the cake! I feel good that I am able to compete with professional developers as well!

And the judges were helpful as well, instead of just judging our app , they gave me many helpful tips and were open minded to the app idea.

I would love to see this relationship with devworx continuing well into the future.And I have a query, the contest page said that 3 winners will be picked from each category from each region, but only 6 were picked from bangalore, does this mean that I will be getting a prize now?

Thank you for a wonderful experience!

By: Dwarakesh pallagolla
First of all i would like to thanks NOKIA who organized such a great event & made the developer's feel better in every manner.

I would also like to thanks Devworks team who managed the event in very beautiful manner & Did their best. The event & management was appreciable,all was good & its best.

We learned a lot of things in the field of developing by this event,atmosphere was friendly,i found everyone as helping hand.

Mentors was really great,they helped as in each and every manner.

Thanks again Devworks Team & Nokia for such a great event.

My pleasure is to participate in this event,I always feel proud to develop apps for you.

By: Afroz Ahmed Qureshi
Do Good Hackathon provided an unprecedented platform where building app adds value to society and touches lives.Having such platform for developers not only helps them to build there idea but also allows them to validate idea/get insights from industry experience people.

Part of Hackathon I built a Healthcare app name "WakeUpSister" which helps Health Supervisors(Nurses/Doctors) to minutely monitor medication of patient.

It also allows health supervisors to co-ordinate in better way. This app idea is from real time use case where my doctor friends faces critical cases due to improper supervision. My Doctor Friend Diwakar , who is final year M.D at KIMS , Bangalore asked me how IT can help him .

I think getting insight from real time use case and building app needs lots of validation and insight collection and getting started is always a troublesome task.

I would like to sincerely thanks Nokia providing me such platform and letting me validate the idea by presenting it in front of profound jury members.

I would also like to appreciate the event infrastructure provided and helps provided by co-coordinators.As a whole it was an incredible experience, which every developer dreams of !! (at least I do :) )

By: Rahul kumar
First of all thank you for making DoGood hackathon a wonderful experience!

It helped our team together to build the application. Though we had to drop our initial idea of app but the nokia people helped us think of a new idea and taught us about how a social app should be and what kind of problems it should solve.

Though we had to drop our initial idea of app but the nokia people helped us think of a new idea and taught us about how a social app should be and what kind of problems it should solve.

This helped us to create a potential app. Also we look forward to such events.

By: Kiran Ghule
First of all I appreciate your arrangements, coordination and hard work to making the Do Good Hackaton a grand success.

It was really a different and a good experience for me.

First time I created a good app that is in a standard form and which is very helpful for society.

I came to talk with many experienced persons, they gave me ideas. Special thanks to Mr.Pranshu Singhal, who gave me support.

Also thanks to the program coordinators to give us a wonderful opportunity to present our ideas.

Thanks a lot to all.

And looking for the next event of Devworx.

By: Libin Babu
The event was above the expectation.

Everything was perfectly managed and organized. The organizers were superb n ready to help alwaz.

Just had great time there and thanks for organizing an event of such level. Contact me if anything else is required.

I have also written my expereince on FB wall of do good hackathon.

By: Vivek Kaushal